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Careers in Construction are Worth It!

As some of you know, October is Careers in Construction month.  Northern Concrete Construction is participating this month by rewarding our employees for their hard work and dedication to our company.  We really appreciate all the time and effort that you do to keep us reach our quality and consistency goals. You will receive a NCC safety grade winter jackets to keep our crews warm and cozy during our winter months.  With a lot of work coming in December through April, we would like to join you in celebrating our appreciation for the phenomenal work they do for our company.

Having a career in construction is hard work but it is teachable and that is just what we do at Northern Concrete.  Jason Bomski, Supervisor of Concrete Finishers, has been working with our company for 18 years and we are really glad to have him on our team.  Jason has said some great things about the growth within our company and working with our teams.

“I started with NCC about 18 years ago.  I got a job there through one of our owners, I had never done any kind of construction.  Over the years I have grown as construction worker, starting at the entry level and now becoming a supervisor.  I love the opportunities that are there, doing different things throughout the country.  The people, at NCC we have people that truly care about the person next to them.”

Erica Miller is our Senior Estimator.  Starting out in retail and finding out that wasn’t for her, she went back to get a degree in construction where she found her passion for blueprints and building construction.  After finding her niche she quotes,

“I started at NCC about 8-1/2 years ago and it was a good decision for me.  I get to work with a great group of passionate & hard-working people who strive to make what we do the best.  My job as Senior Estimator keeps me very diversified as I get to work on projects for houses, retail, multi-family, large warehousing and so much more…   I love that I am always learning in my position and I have been allowed to make an impact in our company to help create change that allows our company to continue to grow and expand.”

Happy Careers in Construction month everyone and thank you to all for choosing such a wonderful path.

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