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Welcoming New Faces to the NCC Family

Northern Concrete has been making big advancements with in the different crews and teams.  Recently, we have hired a few new faces around the office and we would like to send them a huge welcome to our NCC Family.

A rookies first days on the job is the most memorable.  It sets the environment that they will be continuing to work in.  As we all know, first impressions are everything and we want our new NCC Family members to feel welcomed.   Here are some tips to help the newbie feel welcomed.

Don’t leave the shy out to dry.  No one likes being the new person.  Invite them out to lunch or to just sit and talk for a while.  Break the ice a little and show them that they can come to you with questions if needed.  We’ve all been there and its nice to have someone to turn too.  At Northern Concrete, everyone likes to talk to the new employee and get to know them.  They will stop by their desk and personally introduce themselves.  It’s a nice to see the company all get to know the new employee and welcome them into our family.

Go the extra mile.  A new employee wants to feel like part of the team and that they fit in with the company.  The way to do this is for co-workers to go the extra mile to help the rookie learn traditions and the way around the office.

Bond inside and outside of work.  Plan a social gathering outside of work.  Who knows you might have just found a life long friend.  Social invitations will help build a bond in and outside the office.  The communication and creative ideas will be more advanced when the ice is broken and everyone feels comfortable with one another.


We would like to welcome our new members to our NCC Family.  We’re glad to have you and hope you feel welcome!