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Jobs report-Record low unemployment at Northern Concrete Inc.

While the unemployment rate nationally hovers around eight percent, here in Northeast Wisconsin Northern Concrete is looking to do what we can to chip away at it, even if only one job at a time. With the construction season set … Continue reading


Residents of Northeast Wisconsin know that April can bring all types of weather, but it was a surprise to see the sun rise on a blanket of white on April 8th. Daffodil blooms were buried under six inches of snow, and robins went hungry until rising temperatures helped uncover moist ground. Melting snow is one sign of spring and although most people do not notice, spring also brings changes to the Wisconsin highway system in the form of road restrictions.

Road restrictions are important considerations for spring construction projects. The restrictions limit the weight of vehicles on state highways and are imposed by the Department of Transportation. The purpose of Spring Thaw restrictions is to protect the structural strength of pavements and base materials under the roadway, contends the DOT website that posts these restrictions. This year, spring thaw restrictions began on all state highways March 8th ending the frozen road declarations that normally stand from mid-December to late February. During winter, vehicles are allowed to carry increased weight without special permits. Continue reading

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