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The Silent Killer

Northern Concrete has taken a stance to have zero incidences for our employees relating to any Carbon Monoxide issues. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly, colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that can kill you quickly. Carbon Monoxide is also called the … Continue reading

Keep warm or be miserable!

We don’t suggest this!! How we dress for winter has certainly changed over the years.  Your typical winter coat has now been replaced in most cases by the winter clothing layering system.  And this is not just a fashion trend.  … Continue reading

Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses

Lately, we have been having some hot temperatures that can make working conditions a little dangerous.  Jobs involving high temperatures, such as our concrete company, have a high potential of causing a heat-related illness and our industry has to worry … Continue reading

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Quicker and safer projects as a result of planning.

Last week’s blog was centered on preconstruction planning. Everyone’s experiences and definitions may be different so I will share with you what this means at Northern Concrete Construction. It all begins before we even get a job. What is our … Continue reading

Why are clean job sites important?

Keeping a clean job site throughout the construction process is very important. It’s one of the biggest complaints clients have, so use it to your competitive advantage. After all, a clean job site sets the tone for quality and efficiency. … Continue reading