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Why are clean job sites important?

Keeping a clean job site throughout the construction process is very important. It’s one of the biggest complaints clients have, so use it to your competitive advantage. After all, a clean job site sets the tone for quality and efficiency. … Continue reading

Concrete customers

Concrete contracting is easy to sell. Any new building going up these days begins with concrete. A built-in need, mandated by government—who could ask for anything more. That said, it is often much tougher to actually produce the desired product. … Continue reading

Ground frost and concrete

Concrete does not do well when poured over frozen ground. Frost can cause the water in the concrete to freeze before the concrete sets up. Frost can move the ground underneath the concrete, causing cracks and failure of the concrete. … Continue reading

Now hiring

The growing need for tradesmen is no secret. With increasing emphasis on continuing education and many young people with no opportunities to explore careers in construction and building trades, it would seem that it is left to the industry itself … Continue reading

Flat and level concrete floors

Not all concrete floors are created equal. While the average visitor may look at a concrete floor and figure it is both flat and level, be assured it is neither. Enter FF and FL numbers, a method of measuring the … Continue reading