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Concrete customers

Concrete contracting is easy to sell. Any new building going up these days begins with concrete. A built-in need, mandated by government—who could ask for anything more. That said, it is often much tougher to actually produce the desired product. … Continue reading

Flat and level concrete floors

Not all concrete floors are created equal. While the average visitor may look at a concrete floor and figure it is both flat and level, be assured it is neither. Enter FF and FL numbers, a method of measuring the … Continue reading

Sweet Concreet ? Concrete? Concreat? –An ode to Pour’n ‘Crete

O concrete, how wonderfully gray How you hate the rain in May With the warm wind it’s a different tune You don’t quite like the month of June In July the sun beats down You set too fast, again we … Continue reading

I need a new driveway

While a new driveway may not be as much fun as a family vacation or as exhilarating as a new car, it is necessary periodically. And by periodically, I mean every 20-30 years or more. Concrete is definitely the way … Continue reading