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Not all plans are clear cut..

I was reading a few articles on LinkedIn this afternoon thinking about this week’s blog and what to write about. At Northern Concrete Construction, we have been fortunate to grow every year that I have been employed here. I started … Continue reading

Plan your work and work your plan….

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe — Abraham Lincoln This is one of my favorite quotes. Abraham Lincoln would spend 75% of his time preparing/planning and 25% of his time … Continue reading

Women in Construction – Part 1

We are going to do a series of blogs concerning women in construction. I have sent out a few questionnaires to women who are in the construction field to get their input. Thanks to the NCCER, for helping to … Continue reading

Why are clean job sites important?

Keeping a clean job site throughout the construction process is very important. It’s one of the biggest complaints clients have, so use it to your competitive advantage. After all, a clean job site sets the tone for quality and efficiency. … Continue reading

Concrete Testing—what is it, how is it done, and why is it done?

Part 3—What is concrete testing? Test cylinders One of the most important tests of concrete, usually done in commercial construction projects, is the cylinder test. Basically, samples of concrete are placed in a cylinder 6” in diameter by 12” tall. … Continue reading