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Ours is established, unique, and effective.

Reliable estimates, comprehensive planning, smooth performance, and a solid project.

“I’m extremely satisfied with the follow-up in the office and the field. And, you can tell that the field is communicating with the office, and that doesn’t happen all the time.”—Mark Landgraf, Owner of Landgraf Construction

We hear it again and again. And, it never gets old. At Northern Concrete, we’ve developed a proven process that works. You may get exhausted by all the up-front questions. You may even hear questions you’ve never considered. It’s all part of the comprehensive approach Northern Concrete takes well before arriving on the job site.

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Precise bid information, including clear quantities—you’ll know how the estimate was completed; no surprises later; nothing missed
Up-front planning—a clearly identified scope of work; expedite a job quickly with few questions
Project scheduling—we show up on time and meet tight deadlines; we even turn around project paperwork quickly
Experts on-site—experienced project superiors, skilled foremen, and dedicated crews; field work is our passion
Clear communication—from start to finish and beyond; we’re all connected: the field crew, our office, and you

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Proven Process


“You’re very good with communication from start to finish versus just parts of the process. There is solid communication on pre-planning, so everything is worked out ahead of time prior to the job starting. Things are clarified.” —Mark Landgraf

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A tool that gives Northern Concrete an edge and provides unparallelled accuracy, Total Station is a reliable guide for precise foundation installation that cuts layout time nearly in half. Total Station’s ability to provide accurate measurements, including the land’s slope, is extremely valuable during job layout for building projects, included pouring concrete. It uses a microprocessor, storage system, and digital data collector, which can also download data to computers for further processing.



Distance measurement  •  Straight walls  •  Anchor bolt placement  •  Plum walls



“Total Station is a nice feature. That way we know everything is straight and square, correct, and it alleviates a problem possibly down the road.” —Kurt Wahlgren, Wahlgren-Schwenn

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Total Station’s advantages over conventional surveying:

  1. Field work is completed quickly
  2. High measurement accuracy
  3. Manual reading and recording errors are eliminated
  4. Coordinate calculation is fast and accurate; corrections for temperature and pressure are automatic
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The Crew

Northern Concrete’s team approach combines experienced Project Supervisors and highly skilled Foremen with the right crew, all of whom are focused on your job. We give contractors quick turnaround on value engineering, construction bulletins, submittals, and project close-out paperwork—all examples of how we take pride in exceptional customer service.

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How do we deliver the best service, quality, and results?

  • We create the right sized crew for the job
  • We do our homework; upfront planning is critical
  • We understand your expectations, and we’re passionate about delivering
  • We use expertise that separates us from others
  • We are dedicated to the schedule
  • We practice continuous improvement through technical training, equipment instruction, and product training


“I don’t have to babysit your guys. The workmanship is outstanding. Communication lines are always open and, once again, they’re outstanding. It makes my job so much easier.” -Jim Hirsch, Project Manager, PDC Midwest

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  • Examine details and ask the right questions to understand specifications
  • Communicate with Job Site Supervisors and Project Managers
  • Coordinate with General Contractor and team of sub-contractors
  • Maintain schedule, respond to requests, and accommodate changes