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Soft skills needed for Concrete Construction


Soft skills are important asset to have in any career, from graphic design to construction. Many think that the soft skills are just basic skills and they often are over looked, but they are some of the most important skills. Employers are on the look-out for employees that will bring these skills to the work place.

Unlike job-specific skills, soft skills are hard-to-teach traits, for example, adaptability and strong communication but they can be worked on through experience. If you have these skills, highlighting them in your resume might give you a little boost for hiring. There are three major soft skills that I believe are some of the most important skills to have in the workplace. Communication, problem-solving, and dependability are important in any line of work and it could make or break your employment.

Communication skills are used every single day, whether it is communicating with a co-worker or collaborating ideas for a new project you are starting. Both verbal communication skills and nonverbal communication skills are needed to create a confident attitude towards your work.

These skills become more and more important when you have to start communicating with clients, whether you are pitching a new idea to them or maintaining a long-term relationship with them. Written communication is also very important from writing memos, reports, e-mail, social media posts, and advertisements help the communication to be strong throughout the company and keeps everyone in the loop. Having strong communication skills eliminates misunderstandings and confusion which boosts productivity.

Problem-solving skills are important when something doesn’t go exactly as planned. To problem solve, having a strategy and creative ideas will help to fix a problem. Within some job fields you will be expected to take more initiative to solve business and interpersonal problems. For example, managers will be expected to be quick with their problem solving skills especially in the field of concrete because mistakes and problems come up all the time.

When a problem comes up in the workplace, managers value when employees have solid problem solving skills. Employers don’t like to be left out when an important issue arises so filling in your boss when a problem comes up is always a good idea. Showcase your initiative and resourcefulness by first trying to settle every day interpersonal issues on your own but use your best judgement on when to involve your boss.

Lastly, dependability is a great soft skill to have within your career. An employer obviously wants to count on you to be there and do your job every day. No matter which field you are in you will more than likely have many different deadlines to meet. Employers need assurance that you will be meeting these deadlines and the work will be done with no delay.

Not only is meeting your deadlines important but you also need to have the best quality of work done at the deadline and final project. Meeting the company’s standards is important because it is what creates a brand for them and helps keep clients coming back to their company.

Check out this video that illustrates communication problems and have a laugh.