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This infographic lays out a big disconnect between high unemployment and demand for workers. Why aren’t people flocking to the building trades for steady, high-paying work?

The growing need for tradesmen is no secret. With increasing emphasis on continuing education and many young people with no opportunities to explore careers in construction and building trades, it would seem that it is left to the industry itself to attract the young and energetic to its ranks and payrolls.
Is it society that has convinced today’s youth that a career spent in steel toed boots and hard hats is somehow an admission of defeat?
Is it today’s youth that have all set their sights on a corner office with an expense account and a company Town Car who have decided that an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay has somehow become too hard?
In so many ways, it is because of the efforts of tradesmen past that our country came to be the envy of the modern world. Our transportation infrastructure alone has opened many of the amazing opportunities we enjoy for commerce and culture to thrive. Built by guys with shovels and hand driven concrete mixers.
Our cities and buildings, homes and neighborhoods, the very act of conquering the wilderness with living spaces, places of business, and the pathways to get us to and from were all built buy men and women with tool belts, know how, elbow grease and horse sense.
The honor of spending your hours every day building and creating the world around us is apparent and tangible.
As for the corner office and the belief that construction work is too hard? We’ll talk about that next time.