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Not all plans are clear cut..

I was reading a few articles on LinkedIn this afternoon thinking about this week’s blog and what to write about. At Northern Concrete Construction, we have been fortunate to grow every year that I have been employed here. I started in 2002 and we had yearly revenues of about $2.5 million dollars. This year we will exceed $25 million in sales. That’s a lot of growth. It didn’t come easy or without headaches. We came up with a “company statement” late last year that I want to share.


I am not a huge fan of mission statements or blurbs about companies. Big reason is that many times it something on the wall, business card, or website but it’s not lived out in daily behaviors.   Our company statement wasn’t suggested to us by our company owners or developed by marketers who have the best creative minds and writing skills. It was created by the people who have witnessed and been part of the journey. It will always be a journey at NCC with different twists and turns because we don’t have a final destination in mind. That’s what makes it so much fun. When your culture is one that continually pushes the envelope and thrives on continuous improvement, achievement is short lived and the next bar is set.


What has fueled our growth?

  • Vision for the future. Our CEO Rob Larsen always had a vision of the future. Sometimes it was clear cut and sometimes it was hazy. But make no mistake there was always a vision. There were times we marched forward and figured it out on the way.
  • Risk taking. If we needed to decide on a leap of faith, Rob would pull the trigger but there had to be one condition met. Everyone had to be on board. The likelihood of not succeeding without 100% consensus was reason enough to wait or put the idea on hold.
  • People. Rob, Chad, and Ron would be the first to say that they aren’t the most talented or smartest people in our company. When hiring decisions are made, they look for people with more talent and horse power than they have.

I believe the most important point above is people. People that believe in the company and a company that believes in its people.

What has been instrumental in the growth in your company?  Please share your experiences.