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Mix Group from Around the Country Benefits NCC


Mike Ausloos, Director of Business Development, had the chance to meet with our Mix Group in Kansas City, Missouri, this past week. The idea of the Mix Group is to meet with similar organizations in non-competing areas of the country. Our group consists of companies in Missouri, South Dakota, Colorado, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. Every six months, they visit a location and dig into their business ideas and processes. The group is such a benefit because they are transparent and truly want to help everyone meet their business goals. We accomplish this through job site visits, tour of office and yard, and employee interviews. The host company provides the team with a list of meeting objectives and then they go to work.

Benefits of the Mix Group:

  • Fresh eyes can provide an objective perspective.
  • The business owner receives information on what areas are going well and where some opportunities exist.
  • Building a network of people who invest time and energy into your business. Outside of the meetings, you can pick up a telephone and talk to someone who is familiar with your situation.
  • Provides validation in areas that you are unsure of.
  • Save times – why recreate the wheel?
  • Iron sharpens iron.
  • Develop friendships. Being a business owner can be lonely at times.
  • Fun.

Our mix group was started with the American Society of Concrete Contractors. For more information, please visit Once the group is established, it’s your group and you can operate it the way it works best for the members.



This is a great group! It’s very rewarding to see the great things being implemented from lessons learned at other companies…for example: PPE (hardhats, high vis vests, safety glasses, etc.), Employee hand books, labeling equipment locations on trucks – John Beck (Beck & Hofer Construction). For more information, please check them out at

The decision to be involved in the ASCC mix group was the single best business decision I’ve made thus far.  Every time our group meets I take away dozens of tips, ideas and answers that help me improve my business. Our group is fun and outgoing while at the same time professional and to the point when it counts.  I am very excited to see what this group accomplishes in the years to come! – Zach Leo (Midwest Concrete LLC). For more information, please check them out at

I view the MIX Group as Site Specific’s Board of Directors, providing constructive and honest feedback on the company’s performance.  The MIX Group provides a platform for business owners/managers to exchange information on a confidential basis.  Our Team benefits from the opportunity to learn from the Mix Group and reap the benefits of teamwork and collaboration. – Matt Dempsey (Site Specific LLC). For more information, please check them out at