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It all started with a Pin Drop

How to Get your Employees to a Job Site without an Address.  FREE! 


Lost employees.  Office personnel spending company time on the phone explaining directions. Employees taking the wrong exit. Employees can’t find the job site. The list goes on.  Technology in the concrete world is exploding.  Six employees wandering around searching for the job site came come with a high price tag. Some of the simplest and FREE tools such as the mobile smart phone and desktop computers are as powerful as ever and at our fingertips.  One issue in construction is getting employees to the job site.  When employees are driving from home to a new job site or job site to job site throughout the day it can certainly cause some confusion if addresses are nonexistent.  Many employees are coming from different areas and sometimes different states which can make it difficult to explain how to get to from point A to point B without an address.  A newly constructed home or business may still be in the process of address identification causing difficulties in providing complete directions.

So what can you do?  Here are a few steps that may help your company save time and money as well as generate less anxiety and stress to your employees.

  • When your foreman, supervisor or salesperson go to a job site for the first time they can drop a pin / create a waypoint.
  • Go to your mobile phone GPS app and drop a pin to create a waypoint.  Because of the many apps available you will have to search how to do this if you are unclear how your app works.
  • From the pin/waypoint you just created you can email this link back to your office.
  • Now that you have a link or coordinates you can  create an email to disperse to employees with a location hyperlink.

If you can identify with the frustration of getting to a destination with bad directions, try this and save time and money!