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A Mentor? How Do I Find the Right Person?


A mentor, someone who is experienced and will advise you to be a better you.  Being in college, there are many times where I need a mentor to guide me in the right direction, but not everyone has the right mentor.  Here are some things to look for in a mentor.

1. Industry Knowledge and Connections

A mentor isn’t just someone to guide you along; it should be someone who can get you off the ground fast in the industry you are targeting.  Look for a mentor that will give you industry insights, share experiences, and most importantly has the connections to expand your network.

2. Time and Objectivity

Mentors are only good mentors if they have the time to help when needed.  The President of a company could be a great mentor but if they don’t have time for you then when will he mentor you.  Schedule your chats ahead of time.  Mentors give you the viewpoint you don’t have, an opinion other than your own.

3. Heart and Track Record

A mentor with a huge heart is the best, one with the heart of a teacher.  They want to see you succeed and are truly about helping you.  Secondly, don’t take advice from someone with a bad or no track record.  Seek advice and mentorship where you want yourself to be in the future.

4. Honesty and Passion

Have a mentor that will give you honest feedback and not sugar coat everything.  They should give constructive criticism with your career experience.  When you need help they will be one the first people you call.  They are passionate about you and the industry you both work in.  A mentor should have so much passion for what they are doing and have passion to help you succeed to where you need to be.

5. Problem Solving Skills

This skill is one of the most important skills for you and your mentor to have.  With this skill, a mentor will be able to lead you through issues and give you opinions on what the best way to solve it is.  Approaching issues in the correct way is important and having someone there to help you is very valuable in a mentor.