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How do we produce SOLID RESULTS in these hot temperatures?

Hot! Hot! Hot!  As most of us know hot temperatures can be a hassle and leave us not feeling like we want to work fast or efficient.  In the concrete world, we need the opposite of what the grueling hot weather wants us to feel.

When concrete is poured and the weather is hot, it speeds up the setting of the concrete and makes it dehydrated.   One of our concrete experts, Jeff Larsen, here at Northern Concrete states that,  “ In hot temperatures, concrete will set faster due to the temperatures of the sub grade and actual concrete.”  Due to the rapid reaction to the hot weather, something needs to be done to keep the concrete hydrated long enough for it to set correctly.  If the concrete dries out to quick it could result in cracking and no one wants cracked concrete.

How do we produce SOLID RESULTS in these hot temperatures?

We have a SOLID PROCESS on what to do when hot temperatures arise when pouring concrete.

Some suggestions on what to do when the temperatures rise is to:

Pour in the morning. It is quite a bit cooler in the morning than it is during the daytime, which can help the concrete stay hydrated longer and be able to build up the strength it needs before it sets.  Also, in the morning, the aggregate is cooler and it will not heat up as fast.

Pour at night.  As I mentioned before, it is also cooler at night allowing the concrete to take its time to set.  Just a few weeks ago, our company was pouring under the lights in Paris, Tennessee.  Check it out and see our SOLID RESULTS!


Communicate with the Ready Mix companies. How will this help might you ask?  They might be able to create a slower setting mix to help when the temperatures get hotter.

Dampen the subgrade.  This will help slow the mix down to keep it hydrated longer.  Keeping the moisture in the concrete longer is important and means so much in the long run when the concrete is wet long enough to create a strong bond within the concrete.  If adding water to the concrete, wait until the concrete is at the site, but don’t add too much! Also, adding water to concrete that is over 1 ½ hours old should be avoided.

Solid work crew is key.  Having a work crew that works on their toes at all times can make a world of a difference in the solid process and results.  As you know, concrete sets so much faster in a hot atmosphere and having a quick crew can knock the weather problems out of the park.  Having the crew pour what they can handle in harsh conditions like heat can make a huge difference as well.  Don’t over pour to cause illnesses.

When the weather is hot not only does it affect you but the concrete pour you are doing.  With a SOLID PROCESS you can have the best success with your pour and have SOLID RESULTS.



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