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Common questions, and answers you can rely on.

You can read about our “Solid Process” and “Solid Results,” yet you may still have questions. The questions below are some of the more regular questions customers ask. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please call us at 920-425-7200 or email us.

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Why are poured concrete walls better than cement block construction?

Northern Concrete is a member of the Concrete Foundations Association™ of North America. The CFA gives several reasons why poured concrete walls are the best:

  • Water tightness means a dry basement
  • More fire resistance
  • Resistance to rot and decay
  • Builders have fewer warranty problems
  • Poured concrete walls are cost competitive with block walls
  • Performance testing shows strength
  • Multi-family dwelling developers experience shorter construction times
  • Better re-sale value on homes with poured concrete walls
  • Ready mixed concrete allows for extended construction season

What is required to get an estimate?

Precise estimates come from having full information up front. We will work with your blueprints and plans, and ask lots of questions. We use the latest computer programs to assure accurate estimates, including on-site estimating and an Auto Crete® CAD system. There are no surprises or added costs upon completion of the job. Estimates are accurate and will meet your timelines. To request an estimate, call 920-425-7200, or simply click here.

What about waterproofing?

Without effective waterproofing, a basement can have leakage and/or seepage through the walls. Over the years with expansion and contraction, cracks can develop in the walls causing even greater problems. Northern Concrete uses an exterior foundation waterproofing system using a tough seamless polymer membrane and drainage and insulation boards. Our waterproofing system is backed by a 10-year warranty.

What steps should be taken to take care of concrete?

  • Snow/ice should be removed from exterior concrete, like concretre driveways, because it can cause peeling and pitting.
  • A concrete sealer should be applied annually for protection from adverse winter conditions.
  • Use of salt or de-icing crystals will damage concrete. Use clean sand for traction.
  • Keep vehicles off newly poured concrete parking lots or driveways for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Try not to leave vehicles parked on driveways. Road salt and melting snow/ice can cause peeling.

What geographical area does Northern Concrete serve?

Northern Concrete Construction, Inc. is your premier concrete contractor serving Green Bay, Appleton, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and beyond. Depending on the size and scope of your project, our crews travel as far north as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, south to Milwaukee and Madison, and for some of our larger commercial projects into Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota. Our core area for residential projects includes Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Brown, Sheboygan and Outagamie counties. We work close to home and will travel far.

How does the 3DLaser Screed process work?

The 3DLaser Screed is another example of Northern Concrete’s use of advanced technology.

Flatness and grade are important to all concrete flatwork, but of vital importance in warehouse and parking lot applications. Northern Concrete uses a 3DLaser Screed to quickly and consistently strike-off and level concrete flatwork to precise specifications. This type of equipment relies on machine-control software and highly-trained personnel to plot surface elevations of a proposed slab and recreate the elevations in finished flatwork. The 3D Laser Screed automatically adjusts while operating to produce surfaces with high Ff flatness and desired drainage levels.

The 3DLaser Screed is directed by a computer model of the jobsite called a “mesh”. An on-site computer produces this “mesh” from data received via a link with a Geodimeter. A Geodimeter is a robotic machine-controlled “Total Station” that interacts with a hand-held device called a target. This target reflects both infared and laser signals to the Geodimeter using a special prism. The target is physically walked around the perimeter of the project to produce an initial map of the area.

Once the map is completed, the target is mounted on the head of the 3DLaser Screed. The Geodimeter monitors the target measuring its position six times per second. These measurements continue during the entire concrete placement process. Another device located on the head of the 3DLaser Screed is a sonic tracer. The tracer locates the plane of struck-off concrete, and maintains the level of the 3DLaser Screed on the correct plane. The Geodimeter, target and sonic tracer provide the 3DLaser Screed with information needed to accurately produce ridges, valleys and pitch needed for drains. The entire process results in flatwork meeting exacting specifications in an efficient cost-saving manner.

Why should I choose concrete and not another material?

Concrete is an ideal building material because of its properties including versatility, strength, economy and low installation and upkeep costs. Concrete offers almost endless options for patterns, shapes and textures plus is available in a wide variety of colors as decorative concrete. It can also be finished smooth or brushed to produce skid resistance surfaces making it the most versatile building element.

Concrete strength depends on the ratio of water and cement in the paste that binds aggregates together. A sign of concrete strength shows in the durability that holds up to heavy traffic. A common measurement of concrete strength comes from compression testing expressed as pounds per square inch or psi. The psi measurement plus appropriate use of rebar in construction produces the strongest concrete.

The cost of installing and maintaining concrete varies according to project specifications, but in almost all situations, concrete offers the most economical solution. This is because concrete offers a long-term service life especially in exterior uses such as parking lots and driveways. Concrete does not need maintenance typical of other materials such as asphalt, and it produces a smoother riding surface since it does not break down due to heat, freezing, water and sunlight.

Does Northern Concrete have a résumé of its work?

For more than seventeen years, Northern Concrete has completed durable and dependable concrete projects for Commercial and Residential customers. Photos of our residential concrete foundations, concrete patios,concrete sidewalks, stamped concrete, and more are presented in our Gallery of Achievements. Additional verification of our high quality work and excellent service is available upon request.