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The right tools for the job.

Staying atop technology to deliver world-class concrete.

“[Total Station] helped us out tremendously. Probably more so for me than your own guys, which is something I really appreciate.”—Jim Hirsch, Project Manager, PDC Midwest

Concrete is our passion. Yet, we also enjoy using the high-tech tools needed to deliver the best possible concrete projects, every time. Northern Concrete invests in the latest equipment to ensure quality, on-time delivery, and work that comes in on budget. From laser screeds to conveyors to riding finishing machines, we make sure we stay cutting edge so your project is the best it can be. Scroll down and see some examples of our equipment, some of which are only used by a handful of companies throughout the state.

Total Station

Total Stationpinpoints site requirements for job layout

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  • Field work is completed quickly
  • Measurements are highly accurate
  • Manual reading and recording errors are eliminated
  • Coordinate calculation is fast and accurate; corrections for temperature and pressure are automatic

“Total Station helps avoid issues with staking, and allows for precise placement of walls without the concern of someone measuring incorrectly.” —Aaron Gundlach, Horizon Construction Group


3-D Laser Screeds

 3-D Laser Screeds provide accurate, efficient, consistent pours

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Somero S240
  • 12-foot wide screeding head
  • 18-foot telescoping boom
  • 240 square feet of screeded concrete per pass
Somero S240
Somero S100
  • 8-foot wide screeding head
  • 12-foot telescoping boom
  • 96 square feet of screeded concrete per pass
Somero S100

Mid-Size Platform

Mid-Size Platform offers innovative and productive concrete placing and leveling

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Somero Mid-Size Platform
  • Grade, plow, and screed concrete floors
  • Hydraulic powered, ride-on solution for small- to mid-sized projects
  • Sets grade automatically with patented laser leveling technology
  • Three interchangeable head options
  • Handles low slump concrete

3-D Profiler

 3-D Profiler allows for automatic and accurate paving of contoured site

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Somero 3-D Profiler
  • Perfect for parking lots, loading dock areas, service ramps, and driveways
  • White top and repair roadways, runways, taxiways, and bridges
  • Slope and elevation changes are practical and cost-effective to achieve
  • Components: 3-D laptop computer with Somero 3-D Profiler software; Robotic Total Station; Target; Sonic Tracer; Somero laser screed with 3-D install kit
  • Easy 3-step process: 1) Establish Station; 2) Create a Job; 3) Machine Control

Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyor provides reach to challenging locations

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Putzmeister Telebelt
  • Smooth, surge-free conveying of concrete up to 5 cubic yards per minute
  • Butterfly outriggers provide quick and easy setup, even in congested areas and on rough terrain
  • Four-section telescopic conveyor provides over 106 feet of horizontal reach
  • Heights as low as 15 feet 9 inches

Layout Manager

Layout Manager construction building positioning solutions provide ultimate control

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Trimble LM80 Layout Manager
  • Carry, manage, work with, and lay out the jobsite blueprint
  • Common user interface and specialized software
  • Connects office and jobsite through wireless data transfer
  • Design updates flow between field and office in real time
  • Monitor daily layout progress
  • Greater control, cost savings, and maximized productivity