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Concrete customers

Concrete contracting is easy to sell. Any new building going up these days begins with concrete. A built-in need, mandated by government—who could ask for anything more. That said, it is often much tougher to actually produce the desired product.
The skilled labor shortage and the challenges of keeping talented, hard-working people are significant obstacles. The work can be tough, the hours grueling, some of our guys are on the road for weeks at a time. They pay and benefits are good, but that’s not enough for everybody.
Then there is the concrete. Every mix, even every batch is a little different. Water to cement ratio, air entrainment, admixtures, even the type of sand used can affect how the concrete behaves.
Properly installing concrete, and in particular concrete floors, is difficult. Part science, part art, any good concrete finisher will tell you it takes time to develop a ‘feel’ for concrete. Get on it too early and you can ruin it. Get on it too late and it won’t finish right. I don’t proclaim any expertise here, only knowledge that I know enough to know that I don’t know.
Then there is the overriding challenge of making money. We all want to be rich, but in reality success in business is a journey, not a get-rich-quick scheme. We have a responsibility to our people, their families, our business partners, and our customers, to be careful and pragmatic enough in our business practices to well, to stay in business.
To that end, while we are by no means perfect, we are a good company to work with. Our people care, we invest in personal development and good equipment, we fix our mistakes, and we work alongside of our customers—builders and contractors—to satisfy their customers—building owners, homeowners, and investors.
So thank you, to our crews, our families, our leaders, and our customers. It’s been a good year, and the future is bright.