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The Silent Killer

Northern Concrete has taken a stance to have zero incidences for our employees relating to any Carbon Monoxide issues. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly, colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that can kill you quickly. Carbon Monoxide is also called the … Continue reading


There are two types of concrete- concrete that has cracked, and concrete that will crack. Cracking in concrete is inevitable, the best the contractor can do is try to control the cracking. There are two basic strategies to control cracking. … Continue reading

The (WPS Farm) show must go on

Spring may still be just peeking at us over the horizon (Mother Nature assures us it will eventually arrive), which means challenges in construction and agriculture both.  Whether it means planting a little later in the year, or delaying a … Continue reading

10 Reasons to choose concrete for parking lots

1)      Up-Front Cost.  Concrete parking lots are increasingly cost effective compared to asphalt parking lots due to rising petroleum prices, asphalt shortages.  2)      Life-Time Cost.  Concrete parking lots require very little maintenance.  Re-sealing is recommended every 3-4 years, and can … Continue reading

World of Concrete

Yes, believe it or not, the concrete industry is a world unto itself in many ways. Five members of our team recently attended the World of Concrete Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Included in our entourage were two of our … Continue reading