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The (WPS Farm) show must go on

Spring may still be just peeking at us over the horizon (Mother Nature assures us it will eventually arrive), which means challenges in construction and agriculture both.  Whether it means planting a little later in the year, or delaying a … Continue reading

Seven Myths Related to Wisconsin DOT Spring Weight Restrictions

1-Myth-Spring weight restrictions last only a month.                 Truth: The 47 year average is 64 days, or 9 weeks of spring weight restrictions 2-Myth-Heavy trucks can’t go anywhere because of the spring weight restrictions. Truth: Weight limitations can make things … Continue reading

Concrete customers

Concrete contracting is easy to sell. Any new building going up these days begins with concrete. A built-in need, mandated by government—who could ask for anything more. That said, it is often much tougher to actually produce the desired product. … Continue reading

‘Like’ Northern Concrete Construction–and Bring Your Friends!

We are offering a $400 gift card to Menard’s Home Improvement stores to the ‘fan’ who brings the most new ‘Likes’ to our page.
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Jobs report-Record low unemployment at Northern Concrete Inc.

While the unemployment rate nationally hovers around eight percent, here in Northeast Wisconsin Northern Concrete is looking to do what we can to chip away at it, even if only one job at a time. With the construction season set … Continue reading