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Branding Yourself is a Key to Success

Whether you’re a large company or a small company, branding yourself is very important.  It’s not just the company that needs it; you need to be branding yourself as well.  Personal branding is just as important as a corporate brand when developing your business strategy no matter what the size of your company is.

There are many benefits of personal branding which helps business growth.  Here are a few cases may help your brand grow.

Case #1 – Personalities Show Through in Marketing

We all are overwhelmed with the amount internet ads, commercials, and other promotions we see on a daily basis, but how many of them are actually remembered?

Creative thinking and personality are needed when forming your personal brand. Proving that you are different than others who create similar products or services will help with your success.  Showing that you capture interest in what you are doing, shows through your work.

Personalities tell so much about the company and who works there.  Association with people, communities, and your workers is a great way to show your personality for your brand.

Case #2 – People Want to Deal with a Human, Not a Faceless Company

When people deal with companies, it is always nice to talk to or see a real person.  For example, on our Northern Concrete website, we use our workers and our projects on every portion of the website.  We create an atmosphere of a real job and not something that looks staged or acted.

Another way we do this is by updating our current job photos in the galleries.  Seeing our current projects and employees doing what they do best helps us brand the way we work.

Also, we have recently switched to direct lines with our telephones.  It doesn’t seem like much but now clients don’t have to go through multiple people to get to where they need to be.  This provides a connection between companies and workers.  Sometimes this only works for smaller companies but bigger companies have their own way for communicating with real people and not a faceless company.

Case #3 – LinkedIn and Social Media

LinkedIn is a great way to create a brand for yourself and the company.   LinkedIn is a great way to make connections between people and companies.  As a student in college, I have learned the importance of LinkedIn and creating connections with people. Following up with your connections can be very beneficial and could be a very prominent connection somewhere down the road. Providing SOLID information on there can help contacts scout out prospects for their company.

As for the concrete industry, many just apply on our Northern Concrete website but what better way to spread the word than through social media and the internet.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging are all great ways to spread your brand.  It is also a quicker way to get the word out than by what I call “snail mail”.  Plus in our industry, targeting those that go on these social media sites are the audiences we strive to reach.

Having both a personal profile and a company profile is also beneficial.  Retweeting or reposting something also reaches out to your professional and personal connections.  This allows your brand to spread further by the amount of different audiences reached.

Branding Yourself is a Key to Success

These are only three cases that branding yourself is beneficial.  Show your personality and who you are when your branding, it shows that you are human just like everyone else.

Social media is trending a lot right now and a great way to spread your brand.  Especially, if you are reaching out to the professional world but it is also great to use other sites to reach other audiences.  Don’t hide behind the company logo, branch out and inspire.  Create customer loyalty and show your passion for what you do.  It’s the people, not the brand.