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About Us
Solid from top to bottom.

Our standards: integrity, excellence, clarity, commitment.

“Three words describe Northern Concrete: competitive, well-organized, timely.” —Tom Smith, Altius Building Company
To reach the high standards we set on a daily basis, we focus on four values—integrity, excellence, clarity, and commitment—the foundation of our rock-solid philosophy. Our people deliver them throughout our service area as we guarantee satisfaction on every job. And, often our effort is recognized with an award or a customer’s word of praise.

Northern Concrete offers concrete services throughout Wisconsin and beyond, including projects all over Wisconsin and the Midwest. For a competitively priced concrete estimate, call 920-425-7200, or simply click here. We travel!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed—We make sure the process is smooth for everyone involved, and we stand behind our work.
Accurate Estimates—We work with your blueprints, ask a lot of questions, and get complete information upfront so the estimate is accurate.
Prompt Scheduling—Our proactive communication results in better on-time performance. We get the job done when promised.
Quality Systems—Through upfront planning and years of experience, we select the best systems and products for that unique project.
Ongoing Education—From technical training to equipment instruction, our employee development is unheard of in the industry.
Investment in Technology—We invest in the latest technology, providing more opportunity and more consistency.

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Our People

We can talk about our people all day, but this customer testimonial says it better than we ever could:
“It was Friday afternoon at 5 … before [the crew] left, they took the extra time to make sure the sidewalks were cleared off, safety rails were installed, and reinforcement caps were put on. A lot of people would’ve just ‘boom’ got in their cars and left. Right there would sell me the next job with Northern. Little things are big things in my world … I don’t have time deal with problems like that, especially when they’re not mine. That was a great experience.”—Mark Landgraf

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Service Area

Northern Concrete is the premier concrete contractor serving all of Wisconsin and beyond. Depending on the size and scope of your project, our crews travel where we’re needed, from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, south to Milwaukee and Madison and, for some of our larger commercial projects, into Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and beyond.

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and Awards

Northern Concrete is proud of the industry certifications we’ve achieved.

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  • All associates are expected to fully cooperate with the company’s proactive health and safety program.
  • Our supervisors and managers make every possible effort to ensure our people are trained, prepared, and properly equipped.
  • Northern Concrete sends only trained associates to a jobsite, with the direction of complying with the customer’s safe work practices.
  • Management conducts ongoing training of associates to help prevent accidents, create safe working conditions, and train our people in safe work practices.
  • Northern Concrete fully complies with local, state, and federal laws, plus rules and regulations to create a healthy and safe workplace.
Safety Cones
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Receiving praise for our efforts is always rewarding. Click a category and review some comments we’ve received for our work.



“I think you guys do a real good job upfront; you do very detailed estimates. You lay out your scope of work really well. As a matter of fact, I think you do that part better than anyone else I’ve seen.”—Tom Smith, Altius Building Company

“The best thing about Northern is your professionalism; the professional attitude of the people in their respective fields.” —Mark Landgraf

“Your foremen in the field … they’re all really good. They know what’s going on, they stop in, and keep me informed. We got a good product.” — Jim Hirsch, Project Manager, PDC Midwest

“I’ll tell you this, if I got two bids with similar prices, I’d pick you guys over some of the other ones because getting some cooperation goes a long way for me.” — Kurt Wahlgren, Wahlgren-Schwenn



“Northern Concrete is always ahead of the game. They attend shows and conferences to stay on top of what’s new in the industry, and use the newest and best technologies and techniques.”—Mike Christensen, Customer Relations Manager, Lexington Homes



“Even against a tight schedule and poor weather, Northern is able to perform. The work completed was great, and Northern can complete the work with little or no supervision.”—Aaron Gundlach, Horizon Construction Group