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In House Dispatching Benefits Saves Time and Confusion


Time is crucial in the concrete industry. Once the mix or raw materials enter a truck, the drivers must move quickly and carefully to ensure the load does not set. But this doesn’t only mean the drivers; the site that the concrete is being delivered to must be ready as well. This is where the benefit of having an in house dispatch comes. They keep the projects running smoothly and make sure that the concrete dispatch knows when and where to be.

With an in house dispatch we cut back on a lot of confusion and overbooking. When being in charge of dispatch, you are in charge of scheduling and the calls to the ready mix companies. They are in charge of making sure there is the correct amount of mix design, slump, air content, etc.. Then when calling the ready mix companies, they know exactly what time they need the concrete delivered, how much of it, and how many trucks. All the information comes from the plans that our in house CAD team provides.


When scheduling deliveries, there are many factors that go into being on time. In the construction world there are many kinds of delays that can happen, construction delays, traffic, congestion, and insufficient numbers and they all can mess up your daily schedule.

When drivers are transporting concrete, it is very vital that they have the quickest and shortest way possible meaning that they shouldn’t have to wait in much traffic or cannot get lost. Our dispatcher writes out the easiest directions for the drivers, but it is important to have just a backup route just in case there is a traffic jam or something that would slow down the delivery.

When scheduling deliveries, scheduling travel time into when the crews will be ready for the pour is very important. Crews sometimes are running late or early and that is when they call the dispatcher to change the time of delivery.

Ready Mix Companies

We went to visit one of our ready mix companies that we order a lot of concrete through. Carew Concrete has a system that they can measure the amount of materials that are added into the trucks from inside the building. This is all computer operated which saves a lot of time.

They also only schedule by the number of trucks they have. Some companies over schedule and that causes a delay in when the concrete can get to the site. Many think that they can keep taking more orders because they can “handle it” but then they are overbooked and can’t make their scheduled time. This messes up the finalized times of jobs and causes many deadlines to not be met.


Having an in house dispatcher is very beneficial not only to a company but also to the people they work with. The dispatcher is in charge of communicating messages from worker to ready mix companies. When there are change orders or back ups, a field worker doesn’t always have to worry about being able to call the ready mix company. They can continue on working on their project rather than wasting time calling in a change order. That is the dispatcher’s job and the ready mix companies appreciate the heads up with change orders because it makes things simpler for them.  It makes things a lot easier in the long run and keeps jobs on schedule when you have an in house dispatcher.

Cow Pie Bingo Rules and Regulations

Cow Pie Bingo Fundraiser for Juvenile Arthritis
Sponsored by Team to the Max

October 10, 2015

1. The Cow Pie Bingo event will take place on October 10, 2015 in the outfield area at Circle Tap. A 100’ x 125’ field grid will be marked off in 5’ X 5’ square ‘land parcels’ for a total of 500 sequentially numbered ‘land parcel’ squares.
2. The actual field grid on the ground will be clearly marked with all ‘land parcel’ squares being of equal shape and size. The field grid (and cow) will be protected by a barrier or fence. Spectators and ‘land parcel’ square holders must not interfere with the progress of the event.
3. Up to 500 ‘land parcel’ tickets will be sold at three rates; $100.00, $20.00, or $10.00 per ‘land parcel’s square. Proceeds from the Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser will benefit Juvenile Arthritis Foundation.
4. Land parcel square assignments will be computer generated and randomly determined on or about 12:00 noon on October 10, 2015.
5. Absolutely no land parcel square tickets will be sold after 12:00 noon on October 10, 2015.
6. On October 10, 2015 (on or about 12:00 noon), the number of ‘land parcel square tickets sold will be tallied and the actual grid number assignments will be determined. A poster or list will be printed, noting ‘land parcel’ ticket holder names and numbered square assignment; this will be on display at Circle Tap prior to the Cow Pie Bingo event starting.
7. At 1:00 pm on October 10, 2015, a cow will be led into the designated grid area by an appropriate handler and allowed to freely roam within the grid area (while tethered to a lead line of appropriate length) until the first cow pie or “plop” (NOT cow pee) is placed by the cow on a square. If the cow has not placed a cow pie within 3 hours (by 4:00pm on October 10, 2015) the prize money will be awarded to the ticket holder of the ‘land parcel’ square where the cow’s right front hoof is placed at 4:00pm
8. The $100 ticket holder of the ‘land parcel square on which the cow pie lands will win $25,000 (or in the event that not all land parcel square tickets are sold, 50% of all ‘land parcel’ squares sold by 12:00 noon on October 10, 2015).
9. The $20 ticket holder of the ‘land parcel’ square on which the cow pie lands will win $5,000, or in the event that not all land parcel square tickets are sold, 50% of all ‘land parcel’ squares sold by 12:00 noon on October 10, 2015.
10. The $10 ticket holder of the ‘land parcel’ square on which the cow pie lands will win $2,500, or in the event that not all land parcel square tickets are sold, 50% of all ‘land parcel’ squares sold by 12:00 noon on October 10, 2015.
11. If the cow pie or “plop” lands on bordering ‘land parcels’ (crossing the line connecting the squares) , the square with the largest cow pie (width and depth) wins.
12. If the cow pie lands on a square that is unsold (in the event that tickets for all 500 ‘land parcel’ squares do not sell), the winner will be the closest “sold” square or squares immediately adjacent to and sharing at least one full side with the unnumbered, unsold square. This could end up being more than one winner (up to, but not to exceed, 4 winners) who would share in the prize money equally.
13. ‘Land parcel’ square holders need not be present to win.
14. ‘Land parcel’ square winner(s) will be responsible for all associated fees/taxes associated with the cash prize winning.
15. The decision of the designated Cow Pie event judge(s), with respect to the event winner(s), is final.
16. The winner will be recognized at the conclusion of the Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser. If the winner is not present, the winner will be notified by phone and/or email and will then have 30 days to claim the prize money. Unclaimed prize monies will be donated to Juvenile Arthritis Foundation.
17. Winners must provide proof of deed ownership before prize money will be awarded.
18. The event will proceed on October 10, 2015, rain or shine. If there is thunder/lightening at 1:00pm on October 10, 2015, the Cow Pie Bingo event will be canceled. The cash prize winners will then be established by a randomly selected attendee; the attendee will draw one ticket from each of the ticket boards and the winners will be announced.
19. The rules and regulations will be posted at the October 10, 2015 Cow Pie Bingo event and can be obtained at or by contacting



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You Hold the Key to Your Success

Key to success You are the only controller of yourself. Only you can take responsibility for your actions and allow yourself to be successful. Yes, it is important for support, encouragement, and mentorship from others but you don’t need to rely on them.  You need to make things happen for yourself, personally and professionally, without sitting back and waiting for “the right time”.  Only you hold the key to your success so make it happen.

Give yourself the key and unlock your door of success. You don’t need anyone else’s approval to be successful; you only need yours, so give yourself permission. Ask yourself, what truly matters to you and what do you have a desire to live for? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to be known for? How are you going to succeed?

Set a goal and never lose sight. Don’t think of success as a huge project or struggle, see it as an opportunity to better yourself everyday. Find a path that will direct you to success and follow it by taking small steps to your goal. Determine what success means to you. You can control what your success means and stands for, that is the beauty of success.  Everyone’s definition is different. Create your definition of success based on your beliefs, values and desires.   Believe in yourself and your abilities to be successful.

Waiting can be your biggest struggle. Waiting for one to give approval or waiting for the perfect time will hold you back on achieving your goal of being successful. You could be waiting your whole life for someone to give you approval and there is no such thing as “the perfect time.”  Time is valuable so don’t let another day without giving yourself permission to be successful. Value your life and acknowledge the talents that you have.

Now, you can start being successful. You have given yourself permission. Surround yourself with people who will support your success. Those people should be encouraging you to be better and drive you higher everyday. Keep those negative people away, don’t let them discourage you from reaching your goal.   Many people don’t have the courage to give themselves permission to be successful, but you did so don’t let them take that away from you.  You had courage to give yourself permission, they didn’t.  Now prove you can do it. Create a positive life with small steps in the right direction and help others on your way to success. When helping others, you are helping yourself – you grow. If you don’t normally do something, step out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone and be confident about it.

Face your fears. Many run from their fears instead of facing them. You are more capable of facing your fears than you may think; all you have to do is believe in yourself. Trust that you are able to succeed and forget those excuses that make you think you can’t.  Read books, pray, meditate or do anything that will bring out the best in you.  Throw those things that make you scared off the path and keep on going toward your success.

fear Let your mind and body work together, don’t let one take over the other. Let them guide you but remember you  are still in control of yourself, don’t let them control you. Let your emotions and feelings lead you in the right direction but don’t let them roam free. Believe that you can be successful. Realize the potential that you have, combine everything together to work for your goal to be successful. If you have not yet given yourself permission, what are you waiting for?

do it

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Embrace the Benefits of Conflict

Conflict is almost everywhere we turn, but most people try to avoid it as much as possible.  Every day, we face issues that just seem to get under your skin and we have to figure out how to handle or resolve the issue.  Our lives are hectic and chaotic at times, which causes a lot of conflict whether it is in your personal or professional life.  But there are some benefits to conflict.

There happens to be some positives to having conflict in your life.   Not only can we learn a lot about ourselves with conflict, but also we are able to learn more about the world around us.  Although, there is no way to avoid conflict, so we should look at the positives instead of picking out the negative.

Picking out the positives in a situation can only benefit you.  Here are some positives within conflicts:

Practicing communication within a conflict.  When dealing with conflict, you are not only practicing your general communication skills but also your problem solving and compromising communication skills.  Everything you say to someone, you’re practicing your communication but with conflict communication, that is a special skill to have.  Being reasonable and seeing the other side of the story is so important, but talking isn’t the only form of communication.  Listening is a major portion of communication.  Listening to what someone is saying one of the hardest parts but the more you engage in the conversation the more you will get out of the conflict.


Seeing other perspectives, conflict from a different view.  When in a conflict, listening to another view on the issue is a great benefit.  It may make you rethink what the issue is and how to overcome it.  Whether or not you agree with the opposing view, it will still make you think differently about it and possibly generate a new strategy from it. When listening to others speak, the key is to keep an open mind.  We are all quick to judge when it comes to something we disagree with but by listening to another side of the issue might make you look at the issue from a different perspective.
Learning about others characteristics and personalities.  Conflict is a great way to learn more about people, whether it is a colleagues or a significant others.  If you are paying attention and listening, not only do you learn about their particular opinions on the topic but also how they choose to argue and more about how they handle thing conflict.  Do they get angry? Are they unaccommodating? Do they like to compromise or are they stubborn thinking, their way or the highway? Speaking with others during a conflict, allows you to learn so much about them.


Creating new ideas.  When you face conflict, there are ideas just flowing throughout the conversation, whether it is trying to compromise between the two or something totally irrelevant to the issue being discussed.  Sometimes those are where the best ideas branch off and turn into great solutions or projects.  It also helps you see a new view, like I mentioned before.  Seeing things from a different perspective sometimes sparks up creative solutions or concepts.   This helps the individuals involved in the conflict to move forward to their common goal and achieve success.

Understanding more about you.  This may be surprising, but when involved in conflict you learn a great deal about yourself.   You may think you know everything about yourself because you’re you and no one knows you better than yourself.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn new things about yourself.  We run into different issues and different events everyday which changes the way we think and the way we react to them.   You learn what pushes your buttons, how you choose to address points, and what makes you open up to others.    Learning about yourself helps you realize a lot about you and about your conflict style.


Although, it is very tempting to just avoid conflict all the time, but in reality there are so many great benefits that come from a conflict.  Whether it is a professional or personal conflict something will always be learned during it, no matter what the outcome is.  Addressing a conflict head on is more beneficial before it gets taken too far and becomes out of hand.  Embrace conflict instead of looking at the negative in the situation.  THINK POSITIVE!

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Create a Positive Work Place

A work place is full of many different personalities and needs.  Despite the face that each group is made up of unique and sometimes conflicting personalities, it is essential that you find a way to make it work.  A workplace is needed to communicate and work together to achieve a common goal.  When people are working in an environment that they feel encouraged to do their best, accepted for who they are, and happy, they tend to perform better.  Doesn’t that sound like a perfect workplace? Yes, this does take a lot of time and effort. But with time the result will come with some very good benefits and all the time and effort being put into creating a positive work environment.  Creating this kind of environment will benefit by helping everyone reach the same common goal with less conflict than before. Here are 3 tips to get you on your way:

  1. Demonstrate Positive Communication

This may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s not.  Listening to what your co-workers have to say and their opinion shows that you respect them.  Being open with the staff, asking questions and sharing ideas can help assist in positive communication.

  1. Find Ways to Create Team Spirit

Unity is a big positive.  It allows co-workers to feel as if they are being valued and belong in the company.  Staff will want to come in to work every day as if they do something to not pull the team together, they have failed forcing them to succeed.  This forces everyone to have their own responsibilities and follow through with them. Pregnant limbo pole holders.

  1. Offer Credit

Give credit to those who deserve it.  Don’t take credit for someone else’s work, sometimes it makes them feel like they did all the work and you take the name.  Make your employees feel like when they do a good job, they can be proud of it and want to show it off, instead of someone else taking credit for their work. Creating a positive work place creates benefits for the company.  Having positivity around all the time creates a better atmosphere and pushes people to do the best work they possibly can.  From a concrete industry stand point, having a positive work atmosphere provides our workers to do the job right and not have many mistakes.  Our crews work fast and efficiently because of the work environment created.

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